University Competitions

Atos Olympics IT Challenge

This is an worldwide university invitation only competition. This has been the 1st year  that Aston has been invited to compete. The team is currently through to the finals with their Volunteer Info Kiosk Smart phone app.

Microsoft Image Cup

A number of different competitions with up to $50,000 prizes and a chance to join the Microsoft Venture Accelerator.

Approximate dates: start September 2014, end  July 2015

Fighting Game AI Competition

You are invited to develop an AI controller for Java based fighting game “FightingICE”. Please submit your AI controller and beat down your opponents to win the competition! The competition and the platform are organized and maintained by Intelligent Computer Entertainment Lab., Ritsumeikan University. Since Intelligent Computer Entertainment Lab. (ICE Lab.), Ritsumeikan University, is the competition organizer, there will be no official participants from ICE Lab., but we will provide sample AIs for reference. The 2014 competition is an official competition at CIG 2014 (accepted by the competition chair on Jan 24, 2014).

 UK Micromouse

The UK Micromouse championship is an international robotics competition that has been held every year in the UK since 1980. It is the centrepiece of Birmingham TechFest.

The competition sees autonomous (self-directed) robot ‘mice’ race against the clock to search the centre of a 16 cell by 16 cell maze in the shortest time. There are rules on the maze and you can see examples of Mice and Mazes in our gallery.

In addition to the UK Micromouse competition, there are a number of other competitions that have been developed over the past few years with the aim of promoting engineering and encouraging youngsters (and others) to see engineering as their future.

 If you’re interested in starting or joining an Aston Team, please fill in the contact for below. If there’s a specific competition team you would like to join, please enter the name of the competition in the details field.


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