Talking about Artifical Intelligence in virtual worlds



Artifical Intelligence in virtual worlds

 Some interesting talk today about a company developing AI ‘pets’ to follow people round in virtual worlds like Second Life and, potentially, World of Warcraft allowing them to learn and begin to interact more and more with their environment.
This is a really fascinating concept on a number of levels. The use of very basic AI has been around for some time in computer games – where having a non-playable character react in the same way a human would to an environment is the holy grail of many programmers.
This means that, as the article suggests, people are much more open to AI as both a concept and as a reality in this kind of environmet.
I recently wrote an article about the use of a daemon – your own personal computer controlled web slave that would give you a permanent presence and do the more mundane things for you.
With Artificial Intelligence, this kind of Daemon could learn the way in which you work, how you like things done and begin to make predictions and assumptions about what you want and need without overtly being told.
The article also suggests that potential future way in which the web could evolve is to BECOME a 3D environment. It’s not too much of a stretch to imagine your Daemon following you around whilst you do your thing and then bidding you farewell as you leave to bound off and get on with things while you are offline.
Kinda cute too…
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